By Earl Mccann

I had pulled 20 some missions as team leader when my nerves caught up with me. I kept feeling I was going to make the wrong decision. So I gave up team leader position and went out as a regular member. Leon Felix had been on my team every since he had been in country. He begged me several times not to give it up. But I did and I went out with Elias and Dands team for 3 or 4 missions. It was Leon's first or 2nd mission with another team and he got killed. I look back all these years and blame myself for giving up my team, thinking if I had kept it Leon would not have gotten killed. I took my team back until the day Camp Evans got blown up, on Ho's birthday. I went to C1/9 as 3rd squad leader, but I never wanted the responsibility. I walked point until my last 10 days in country. Our platoon got separated in late June of 68 and the 2nd squad hit a booby trap wiping out the whole squad. It took several minutes for me to find a way through the underbrush to get to the men to get them out, I pulled the other missions under Elias and Hand, that was suppose to been after the 3rd or 4th mission.


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