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Perhaps you are reluctant to "write" a TALE or STORY because you're not sure how it will be read or received by folks like us, your Brothers and Friends. Never fear !! Remember, "It's not the critic who counts...!!!" There are wonderful, heartwarming and heartwrenching stories out there. Take your time, and if you have to, write it out "long hand," (The good Nuns and Fathers taught me that,) and maybe have someone close to you read it and give you some encouragement.

After so many years have passed, a little "embellishment" is acceptable. Thirty plus years does not always "dim" the memory, and sometimes, enhances!!!

In past years I have tried to contribute to our Newsletter and the Patrolling Magazine. There have been some self-imposed guidelines.
  1. Don't speak ill of anyone except the "Enemy!"
  2. Try to make fun of yourself and tell how dumb or crazy you were.
  3. Always remember that more people will read this than the "Love Letters"

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