By Jim Regan

When I Derose'd from H Co, 75th, I was assigned at A Co, 75th at Fortress Benning. The SGM at the Ranger School snatched me up and gave me a choice of assignments. Benning, Florida Ranger Camp (FRC), or the Mountain Ranger Camp (MRC) at Dahlonega, GA. Told him I'd get back to him in the AM. Went to the NCO Club and met an ol' buddy, Lou Carista. He was with the Airborne Dpt. Next morning I told the SGM I'd take Dahlonega. Thought he was going to hug me! Seems as if everyone wanted Florida. Got to MRC, 2nd Ranger Company, and was assigned to the Patroling Committee. Walked into the Patrolling Shack and firsdt person I see, swee[ing the floor, was CPT Clark Surber, one of my former CDRs at H Co, 75th Rangers! Next, as I looked around the room, three fellow NCOs that I had served with in the same Rifle Company of the 501st, 101st Abn, Div in '58. Had not seen them since '62. What a hoot that was!... Paid my dues walking with the Ranger Patrols in the mountain! s and was later assigned as the Operations NCO. ... Back to the 'Nam and assigned as an Advisor to the 75th Ranger Bn, BDQs on the Cambodian border. No, they did not perform "LURP" type missions. They were a hard chargin' Strike Force and we spent most of the time "cross border." Left in Apr '72, lost contact with the BDQ Rangers. Several of my fellow Instructors at MRC had been BDQ Advisors. Take a breath!

On this past Mothers' day weekend there was an Open House at MRC with "Rangers in Action," Static and Action Demos put on by the Rangers from the 5th Ranger Training Bn, 75th Ranger Rgt. Along with that, several former Vietnamese Rangers, BDQs, were there for the weekend. These guys were captured and imprisoned when Saigon fell in '75. The tales were bad. No food,clothes, medicine. Re-education camps they were called. You could see their joy when they met up with all the former Advisors and observed the Rangers in Action! Had to keep my jacket closed so my heart wo! uld not thump out of my chest!I was proud to associate with the BDQs a nd even prouder of our Rangers as they showed their strenght, ability, and Es Sprit doing their magic. Whether it was rappelling from the tower, Fast Roping from a Black Hawk, Ambushing the enemy, or being Roped out by a Black Hawk. You could feel the dedication and pride of our Rangers! They knew their job and they knew they were the best! Truly Rangers leading the way! I look forward to attending next year's gathering. Saw some Ranger Instructor Buddies that I had not seen or heard from since 1971!! Wow!! The years have taken the toll on most of us, but our spirits were souring that weekend in the Mountains of North Georgia. The Big Ranger in the Sky looked down and favored us with good weather and an "all 'round" great time was had by all.


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