From: Eugene Luning
To: Bob Carr

I've been awfully inspired by all the stories you told me back in January. Thanks again for letting me work on that story (ed: about Lt. Dilger) for you. It was a true honor. On top of writing, I also enjoy writing poetry when I can find the time. Here's something I wrote this afternoon. It's again inspired by Lt. Dilger.

"From Death"
The fire-fight sparked the night and he
rushed into eternity.
Then spread out, cold, he hurried back
to render what his country lacked.

A leader of men of highest rank
into death's warmest slumber sank
then rose again just like a Christ,
counting not the cost nor price.

His slumber, short, upon the gurney
ended not his life-long journey.
The lieutenant rose to live again.
For bullets could not stop his men.

And bullets could not down the bird
from which he swung and his men heard
his voice again upon the wave.
From death, the best are sometimes saved.

Eugene Luning

In the beginning, God created Slicks giving them the mission of Medivac, rescue, resupply and transport and he said this is good, but the Slicks will need protection, so he created Gunships to protect the Slicks and he said this is good, but the Gunships needed targets, so he created Scouts to find targets for the Gunships and he said this is good, upon surveying his works, God realized that he needed crews for his creations, so he populated the Slicks with the best and most disciplined Aviators, he populated the Gunships with lesser disciplined Aviators, and with what was left over he populated the Scouts, he looked upon his creations and said this good, now my Slicks will be properly protected and supported in their missions. God spoke to the assembled Slicks, Gunships and Scouts, saying unto them; go forth and support my most favored creation.

...the LRRPS

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