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There has been some changes in the procedure for acquiring a brick on the "Ranger Walk". Among other things, I understand that the price has gone up. If I read things right, the information on the Ranger Memorial webpage is out of date. So if you plan to purchase a brick, it would probably be best to contact the Memorial personnel directly to eliminate confusion.

From John LEBRUN
Advise from last year's reunion To be considered for future golf outings
There was some confusion at the last reunion on the Texas Golf Rules. Maybe these will work better.
  1. No smoking.
  2. You may not touch the ball from the time you tee up to the moment you remove it from the hole.
  3. When you are in the bushes, keep clapping your hands; and don't bend over when you are in the rough.
  4. Ball is considered in the hole when it is within the length of the string attached to the pin.
  5. There is a 12 shot rule. After 12 strokes, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee.
  6. After encountering the 12 shot rule, and you feel the need to light up, commit to memory rule # 1.
  7. Use only your 7 iron to kill rattlesnakes.
  8. If a coyote picks up your ball, you subtract one stroke, but you must play it from where ever the coyote drops the ball.
  9. Only one coyote bonus per hole allowed, multiple pick-ups don't count.
  10. If a gopher steals your ball, it's legal to retrieve it from the gopher hole.
  11. Cow compost/dung counts as a "loose impediment".
  12. The no golf cart rule will be in place at all times (It would cut playing time down to five minutes).

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