Graduates of the toughest jungle training the Vietnam War had to offer!

Next best thing to the real thing, but hey, we did that, too,

before and after our visit with the 5th Special Forces in Nha Trang!

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Douglas Parkinson

PFC Douglas Parkinson -- Recondo No. 666 -- September 1967

Thomas O. Ford

PFC Thomas O. Ford -- Recondo No. 840 -- February 1968

Roy C. Beer

PFC Roy C. Beer -- Recondo No. 842 -- February 1968

James F. Weidlich

PFC James F. Weidlich -- Recondo No. 1128 -- May 25, 1968

David B. McWilliams

PFC David McWilliams -- Recondo No. 1153 -- June, 1968

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