Vietnam Photos 59

From 1969-1970

Thanks to Ernest Bosarge and Roy Hatfield for these pictures.  The first ten are Ernest's and the remainder are Roy's. Thanks men for sharing these great photos with us.

If the enemy is in range, so are you.

Vietnam-69-2.jpg (15255 bytes) Vietnam-69-3.jpg (39873 bytes) Bernard Loibl and LT Michael Brennan
Vietnam-69-4.jpg (39768 bytes) Vietnam-69-5.jpg (19945 bytes) L to R Standing: Stan, Bo, Richard Saylor, ? Kneeling Lyle Gayman and Fumio Ikeda
Vietnam-69-6.jpg (38777 bytes) Ernest, the reluctant streaker! Vietnam-70-1.jpg (41009 bytes)
Vietnam-70-2.jpg (19157 bytes) Vietnam-70-3.jpg (19560 bytes)
Vietnam-70-4.jpg (25054 bytes) Vietnam-69-1.jpg (35442 bytes) Ernest's training diploma
Law.jpg (34396 bytes) Ranger Roy D. Hatfield with a LAW M14.jpg (21696 bytes) Roy D. with an M14
RoyD1.JPG (20752 bytes) RoyD2.JPG (20737 bytes)
Schlitz.JPG (27408 bytes) John Duffy? and Roy Hatfield Toc.jpg (19045 bytes) Company sign in front of TOC

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