Vietnam Photos 58

These photos and documents are from Michael Bakkie and are from 1969.  Thanks for the pictures and documents, Michael. As always, just click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

Bakkie1.JPG (21201 bytes) The entrance to the Co H compound in Phuoc Vinh Bakkie2.JPG (19591 bytes) The TOC and Otto's mail shack
Bakkie3.JPG (24584 bytes) A LRRP/Ranger's best friend. Bakkie4.JPG (19177 bytes) An overflight before a mission
Bakkie5.JPG (23156 bytes) Front: L to R: Bill Abbott, Jim McIntyre, Rick Arden, ? Smith. Who's in the back between Jim and Rick? Bakkie6.JPG (19817 bytes) Captured bicycles
Bakkie7.JPG (26672 bytes) A Ranger team fixing to go to work Bakkie8.JPG (28020 bytes) A rather large NVA soldier. Really a pretender wearing captured gear
Bakkie9.JPG (23186 bytes) Pre-mission photo of Team 43. Back L to R: Fred Doriot, Jim Kraft (TL), Michael Bakkie. Front: Archie McDaniel (ATL) and Henry Morris Bakkie10.JPG (25994 bytes) Team on a mule. The shirtless guys are Turner Harvell (far left) and Jim Regan (far right). Others?
Bakkie11.JPG (27298 bytes) Read about Colonel George Paccerelli on the Ranger Hall of Fame site and in Kregg Jorgenson's book, LRRP Company Command Captain Paccerelli The full text of Captain George Paccerelli's letter to the rangers  of Co. H upon his change of command. 
The LRRP/Ranger Song (67574 bytes) The full text of Dwight Montgomery "Bull" Durham's song. Bull was killed along with Loel Largent on 10 Apr 69. This copy was typed up in Nam in 1969. It's a little rough, but the song is special to the rangers and is played at every reunion. Article from Cav's Observer The full text of an article from the 1st Cav's Observer describing the life of an airborne ranger by a reporter who joined the team for one eventful mission. Photos from this article are on Vietnam Photos 29and were provided by Jon Varesko.


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