Vietnam Photos 57

These Photos Belonged to Terry Remitz and have been shared with us by his mom, Correen "Corkie" Peterson

The photos are from 1967 and 1968
All info in quotation marks are Terry's remarks written on the back of the photographs.

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Thanks, Corkie for the pictures and sharing them with us!

Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

Remitz1.JPG (16201 bytes) "Slick ship - Only carries 2 M-60 machine guns - This is the one we've been jumping from." Remitz2.JPG (9683 bytes) Two C-130 Hercules aircraft. These fine aircraft are still in service!
Remitz3.JPG (19571 bytes) "A charcoal making
 They burn wood in these and make charcoal"
Remitz4.JPG (18212 bytes)
Remitz5.JPG (14294 bytes) LRRP Terry Remitz Remitz6.JPG (21428 bytes) "Break for chow during a mission in the jungle"
Remitz7.JPG (22213 bytes) Remitz8.JPG (16554 bytes) "Chu Lai Air Force Base"
Remitz9.JPG (23873 bytes) "This was taken  on a search & destroy mission"

Terry Remitz

Remitz10.JPG (14458 bytes)
Remitz11.JPG (14749 bytes) "This was taken at Chu Lai while waiting for chopper to take us to DMZ" Remitz12.JPG (20607 bytes) "Taking a break at LZ English"
(Terry Remitz)
Remitz13.JPG (14730 bytes) "Downtown
An Khe"
Remitz14.JPG (17651 bytes) "LZ Baldy (Near Da Nang) Near DMZ. This is the main road through the camp."
Remitz15.JPG (21573 bytes) "Back row: Me, Sitting l to r: Pete Ramann, Neal Van New Kirk, Marvin Marzolf" Remitz16.JPG (14823 bytes) "'Mamma Rat' (kills rats)
One of our company dogs. I'm wearing the medal you sent."
This is LRRP Terry Remitz
Remitz17.JPG (17924 bytes) "Arrow - the building I live in. 1st picture from Nam" Remitz18.JPG (22603 bytes) "Enroute to Quang Tri 3/68 L to R: Chuck Awe, Wyman Smith and Terry Remitz"
Remitz19.JPG (19142 bytes) Outside of Hue enroute to Quang Tri 1/68 L to R: Ken White, Terry Remitz and Ric Carlson. Taken at LZ Tombstone. Remitz20.JPG (22030 bytes) Party - LZ English Extreme left: Glenn Lambert, Bob Perez (white shirt), John Cripe (behind Perez), Steve Fox, Bob Carr (black shirt), Doug Parkinson, Spanky Seymour, Don Glover, Ken White and John Barnes (no shirt in back)
Remitz21.JPG (16373 bytes) Enroute to Quang Tri 1/68 Remitz22W.JPG (81758 bytes) Interesting article about Terry and his cousin running into each other in Nam. They hadn't seen each other since they were 11 years old!

Steve "Swamp" Fox is pictured in the middle.


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