Nam Photos 56
Pictures Courtesy of Mike Blymyer
Photos from 1969

 War is God's way of teaching us geography.

Bly1.JPG (12967 bytes) LT Mike Brennan Bly2.JPG (22247 bytes) Harry Elston demonstrating something?
Bly3.JPG (29890 bytes) Kit Carson Scout extraordinaire, Phu Bly4.JPG (22376 bytes) Need help identifying these two rangers
Bly5.JPG (12489 bytes) Supply sergeant Cooper Bly6.JPG (16864 bytes) L to R: Back row-?, Roy Hatfield, James Anderson; Kneeling: A.J. Simon, ?
Bly23.JPG (22108 bytes) L to R: Mike Blymyer, Larry McEwen, Tom Chambers, Mike Echterling, Jerry Price and Charlie Hasty Bly8.JPG (18624 bytes) Platoon Sgt. Jim Regan
Bly9.JPG (21632 bytes) L to r: Milford Harvey, Mike Blymyer, ?, Jake Geiger, ? Bly10.JPG (19700 bytes) Back row, l to r: John Bedford, Steve Curtis, James Anderson Front row l to r: Larry McEwen, Mike Blymyer and Chung (KCS)
Bly11.JPG (16059 bytes) L to r: Richard Cramer and Baby Sahn Saunders Bly12.JPG (31598 bytes) L to R: Raymond Parker, Mike Carroll, John Eargle, and Howard Fatzinger
Bly13.JPG (17597 bytes) Who is this ranger? Bly14.JPG (19400 bytes) Ranger Mike Carroll
Bly15.JPG (13075 bytes) Carl Herrmann Bly16.JPG (17940 bytes) Merle Otto
Bly17.JPG (13537 bytes) Need help identifying this ranger Bly18.JPG (17841 bytes) LRRP the Wonder Dog
Bly19.JPG (19709 bytes) Ranger John Bedford Bly20.JPG (24491 bytes) L to r: Back to camera is Jim Anderson, Larry McEwen, ?, and Mike Blymyer getting a shine
Bly21.JPG (21555 bytes) Ranger James "Randy" Shanks Bly22.JPG (16767 bytes) Ranger Mike Blymyer. No, the plumbing hasn't sprung a leak. It's monsoon season.


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