Vietnam Photos 55

These Photos are from Randy Kimes

They are from 1967 and 1968

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Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

Kimes1.JPG (20871 bytes) Gerald McConnel - 1968
KIA 7 May 68
Kimes2.JPG (31300 bytes) Curtis "Randy" Kimes - 1968 at Camp Evans
Kimes3.JPG (21532 bytes) LRRP Michael Tibbits in 1967 Kimes4.JPG (21624 bytes) Randy Kimes in 1968 - East of Camp Evans
Kimes5.JPG (28466 bytes) LRRP Floyd Kuykendahl - 1968 at Camp Evans. Behind Floyd on the right side of photo is Bob Carr. Who's the man on the left? Kimes6.JPG (21935 bytes) L to R: Tom Campbell, Michael Gooding and Joseph "Kala" Kukea - 1968 at Evans
Kimes7.JPG (30800 bytes) Theirs and ours - AK47 on the left and CAR 15 on the right Kimes8.JPG (16765 bytes) Richard Sweeney in 1967 waiting for a ride to LZ Stud
Kimes9.JPG (18980 bytes) Margie Holt, a Red Cross volunteer. God bless 'em! Kimes10.JPG (28098 bytes) Randy Kimes near Khe Sahn early in 1968
Kimes11.JPG (27615 bytes) Larry Baldwin - Late '67 - An Khe Kimes12.JPG (9922 bytes) Bravo 1/9 Huey. SSG Tom Campbell in the right front seat. Enroute to insertion in 1968
Kimes13.JPG (15676 bytes) LRRP AO at LZ Uplift Kimes15.JPG (32596 bytes) Enroute to Recondo School - Dec. '67  L to R: John Trumbull, Bill Hand, Adrian West, Richard Sweeney, Patrick Lyons, Randy Kimes, Glenn Merritt
Kimes16.JPG (21503 bytes) Caribou ride Recondo School. Dec. '67 - Patrick Lyons on far right Kimes17.JPG (14101 bytes) Running Hwy 1 (Street Without Joy) at 70 knots, Lima Lima (low level)
Kimes18.JPG (12769 bytes) Taken 21 May 68 - Camp Evans ammo dump hit by rocket Kimes19.JPG (13249 bytes) Another shot of the same attack on the Evans ammo dump
Kimes20.JPG (15113 bytes) Inside Camp Evans "hooch" before sleeping trenches were dug. Kimes21.JPG (14017 bytes) Photo from LZ Jane the day Dong Ha ammo dump went up. Taken early June, 1968

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