Vietnam Photos 54

From 1971-72

Thanks to Jim Faulkner for these pictures. Thanks Jim for sharing these great photos with us.

If the enemy is in range, so are you.

JimF41.JPG (23978 bytes) From Team 71 - L to R: Terry Park, Willie Graves and Jim Faulkner JimF42.JPG (29589 bytes) Team 76 - Lynn Moore, Jim Faulkner, Robert Sablan, ?, and Terry Park
JimF43.JPG (29628 bytes) Ranger Jim Faulkner at the office JimF44.JPG (34336 bytes) A Kit Carson Scout and Jim Faulkner
JimF45.JPG (21847 bytes) Jim Faulkner with sniper rig JimF46.JPG (20485 bytes) Jim Faulkner and John Sparks
JimF47.JPG (20433 bytes) L to R: Jim Faulkner, John Sellens, Lt. Lynn Moore, Captain Pete Dencker, ?, ? JimF48.JPG (21245 bytes) Rangers Leonard DeClue, Jim Faulkner and Richard Gasaway
JimF49.JPG (26951 bytes) John Roessler, Jim Faulkner, ?, Robert Sablan JimF50.JPG (12937 bytes) Jim Faulkner ready for trip to An Loc - 1972
JimF51.JPG (18225 bytes) Captain Pete Dencker facing Jim Faulkner Others? JimF52.JPG (21464 bytes) John Roessler and the smoking monkey in the Ranger Inn. Wonder if the monkey got any of the tobacco settlement money?
JimF53.JPG (19711 bytes) Memorial service for ranger Jaime Pacheco (KIA 25 May 72) JimF54.JPG (21368 bytes) Jim Faulkner in AO at Bien Hoa
JimF55.JPG (18449 bytes) Randy King and Lou Bruchey JimF56.JPG (15873 bytes) Hostess, Sally at the Ranger Inn
JimF57.JPG (33293 bytes) L to R: Jim Faulkner and John Sellens JimF58.JPG (18081 bytes) Flag captured from NVA mortar company
JimF59.JPG (42309 bytes) Am totally clueless about this photo of a raggedy looking bunch. Help requested! JimF60.JPG (17130 bytes) L to R: Jim Faulkner, Snuffy (Anderson?)and Woody ? together in Panama in 1973
JimF61.JPG (28002 bytes) Rangers Terry Park and Willie Graves JimF62.JPG (24376 bytes) Jim Faulkner after completing his eighth mission with team 61 on 17 Feb 71 - the mission on which Tim Harper was killed
JimF63.JPG (34742 bytes) Ranger Jim Faulkner Lrrp.jpg (20591 bytes) LRRP - Ranger mascot, always on patrol!

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