Vietnam Photos 53

Thanks to Jim Faulkner for these pictures. These photos are from 1971 and 1972. Thanks, Jim for sharing these great photos with us!

If the enemy is in range, so are you.

JimF21.JPG (27336 bytes) Dick Wall and Bill Poole JimF22.JPG (30432 bytes) Pee Wee, Jim Faulkner and Don Perez
JimF23.JPG (23248 bytes) L to R: Paul Roberson and Jim Faulkner JimF24.JPG (18721 bytes) Awards ceremony - Silver stars awarded to George Duet and Jim Faulkner
JimF25.JPG (17535 bytes) Bill Poole JimF26.JPG (27004 bytes) Don Robinson, Frank Olivas, Daniel DeMara and Jim Faulkner. Franky proudly displays his newly awarded E-4 pins. Jim says he taught him everything he knows.

March 71

JimF27.JPG (33894 bytes) Team 61 L to R: Harry Hofherr and Paul Roberson. Those aren't what I think they are, are they? JimF28.JPG (25680 bytes) Team 61 in the bush L to R: Ken Metevia and Harry Hofherr
JimF29.JPG (25355 bytes) L to R: Pete Dencker, Jim Faulkner, John Sellens, Willie Graves, Terry Park, ? JimF30.JPG (23002 bytes) Bear Cat from chopper - April 71
JimF31.JPG (29008 bytes) L to R: John LeBrun, Jim Faulkner and John Sellens JimF32.JPG (29803 bytes) L to R: Frank Olivas, Jim Faulkner and Don Perez
JimF33.JPG (40051 bytes) Heavy team, radio relay L to R: Jim Faulkner, ?, Willie Graves, Mike Doran, Terry Park, John Sellens, ? JimF34.JPG (27702 bytes) L to R: Dick Wall, Jim Faulkner and Bill Poole
JimF35.JPG (21922 bytes) L to R: Jim Faulkner, Pete Dencker and Ed Fisher in the Ranger Inn JimF36.JPG (21913 bytes) Bill Poole
JimF37.JPG (25742 bytes) L to R: Richard Gasaway, Leonard DeClue and Jim Faulkner JimF38.JPG (27771 bytes) Jim Faulkner
JimF39.JPG (20955 bytes) Tim Harper's memorial (KIA 17 Feb 71) JimF40.JPG (23892 bytes) Ranger John LeBrun

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