Vietnam Photos 52

Thanks to Jim Faulkner for these pictures. These photos are from 1971 and 1972. Thanks, Jim for sharing these great photos with us!

If the enemy is in range, so are you.

JimF1.JPG (22445 bytes) Captured enemy equipmnt from C-16 133rd NVA - Jim Faulkner (standing) JimF2.JPG (22512 bytes) Ranger Inn - Sally and Fireman Jim Faulkner. Wow, team duties sure changed after my time!
JimF3.JPG (28264 bytes) Back L to R: ?, Ron Wood, Danny Svoboda, Front L to R: Frank Olivas, Terry Hutcherson, Scout JimF4.JPG (23158 bytes) Bill Poole and Jim Faulkner on one of their more pleasant missions
JimF5.JPG (10976 bytes) Ranger William Hornbuckle JimF6.JPG (24421 bytes) Back L to R: ?, Albert Wilson, Scout. Front L to R: Roy, Cliff DeMoss, Jim Faulkner
JimF7.JPG (32917 bytes) Recess! Ranger classes get a break from the book work and, of course, boys will be boys! JimF8.JPG (30975 bytes) Front leaning rest position!
JimF9.JPG (33798 bytes) Rangers display their feminine sides making mud pies! Are we having fun or what? JimF10.JPG (31323 bytes) This would be easier without jungle boots!
JimF11.JPG (16702 bytes) Captain Pete Dencker JimF12.JPG (31942 bytes) L to R: Thomas "Max" Jarosz and Jim Faulkner
JimF13.JPG (19984 bytes) Ranger John LeBrun readies for a mission JimF14.JPG (18281 bytes) L to R: Willie Graves, Terry Park and William Hornbuckle
JimF15.JPG (19081 bytes) Ranger Myron Prchal was wounded when Elvis Osborne was killed on 9 June 72? JimF16.JPG (21016 bytes) Myron Prchal recovering in the hospital
JimF17.JPG (30077 bytes) L to R: ?, Robert Sablan, Thomas "Max" Jarosz and Jim Faulkner JimF18.JPG (31507 bytes) Back L to R: Scout, ?, Roy, Faulkner Front L to R: Cliff DeMoss, Pee Wee Barrett, Paul Middleton
JimF19.JPG (24174 bytes) Ranger John Roessler JimF20.JPG (15707 bytes) Ranger Lou Bruchey

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