Vietnam Photos 51

These Photos are from Ken White, Rick Tedder & Michael Diesso

All Photos are From 1967 & 1968

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. All but the last four photos are Ken's & Rick's and the last four are from Michael. Thanks, gentlemen for sharing the pictures with us!

Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

Tedder2.JPG (14800 bytes) Ricky Tedder after an extended 8-day mission out of Camp Evans Tedder7.JPG (10525 bytes) Rick Tedder looking better after clean up following the extended mission in the central highlands
Tedder3.JPG (21102 bytes) Ricky Tedder and ? inspecting a Montagnard crossbow Tedder4.JPG (15534 bytes) Rick Tedder (Recondo #611) at Recondo School in 1967
Tedder5.JPG (22180 bytes) Rick Tedder during his first month in Nam -- An Khe -- 1967 Tedder6.JPG (16470 bytes) William Nichols (medic) and Rick Tedder with POWs in Montagnard village
Tedder1.JPG (13831 bytes) Ricky Tedder and Johnny Suggs at Montagnard village outside Camp Radcliff--An Khe Tedder8.JPG (14011 bytes) Rick Tedder with two scouts. Scout on left is Dish. On right is Blol.
Tedder9.JPG (11852 bytes) Dave Dickinson, KIA 12/6/67. Taken at Camp Radcliff Tedder10.JPG (14603 bytes) Rick Tedder at LZ Uplift, Christmas 1967
Tedder11.JPG (18672 bytes) At Fort Ord, California Rick Tedder received the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Air Medal Tedder12.JPG (41178 bytes) Ken White and Rick Tedder
Tedder13.JPG (36977 bytes) Gentry, Ron Holte and Rick Tedder Tedder14.JPG (43955 bytes) Rick Tedder, Bennie Gentry, & Felix Leon KIA 3/17/68. Who's the guy in the upper right hand corner--Charlie Cong?
Tedder15.JPG (21780 bytes) Ron Holte and Bennie Gentry Tedder16.JPG (31358 bytes) Ken White in the bush -- 1967
cabana.jpg (21739 bytes) LRRP Michael Diesso Hotbeer.jpg (17117 bytes) Michael Diesso enjoying a warm beer
Nemzic.jpg (22500 bytes) ? and Michael Diesso Onhill.jpg (13579 bytes) L to R: Tony Schutty?, Michael Diesso, ?


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