Vietnam Photos 50

These photos are from Richard Gasaway and are from 1970 and 1971. Excellent photos and some new faces. As always, just click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

Rg1.jpg (27522 bytes) Ranger Rod Tague - Taken in 1971 Rg10.JPG (22956 bytes) Leonard DeClue honing his knife before a mission
Rg11.JPG (17892 bytes) Leonard DeClue preparing for a mission in 1971 Rg12.JPG (32682 bytes) Award ceremony in 1971. Help with names please.
Rg13.JPG (29746 bytes) Richard Gasaway shortly after mission in 1971 Rg14.JPG (24382 bytes) Paul "the Beak" Middleton on left. Who's on the right?
Rg15.JPG (28973 bytes) Tim BeBee lugging some claymores and det cord Rg16.JPG (25662 bytes) Kit Carson Scout, Kim, worked for team 71 in 1971
Rg17.JPG (19109 bytes) Ranger Richard Gasaway, 1970-71 Rg18.JPG (26814 bytes) Richard Gasaway with weapons just captured on a mission
Rg19.JPG (32895 bytes) L to R: Capt. Frank Stewart, James "PeeWee" Barrett and Billy "Stretch" Mitchell Rg2.JPG (15057 bytes) Richard Gasaway preparing for a little field trip
Rg20.JPG (19048 bytes) The infamous sign! Rg3.jpg (29781 bytes) Frank Stewart and ?
Rg4.jpg (29378 bytes) Leonard DeClue and Dennis Raine Rg5.JPG (25213 bytes) Richard Gasaway the night before a mission. Photo of wife, Iva, on the wall.
Rg6.JPG (36118 bytes) Team 71 in 1971 after receiving medals. Help with names please. Rg7.JPG (23011 bytes) L to R: ?, George Gentry?, Paul Middleton with hat, ?, and Richard Gasaway
Rg8.JPG (28987 bytes) No this isn't captured stuff from the enemy. This is what one Ranger, Richard Gasaway carried on a mission! Ugh! Rg9.JPG (26886 bytes) L to R: Terry Hutchison, Mick Lanford? or Butch Lunsford? and Kenneth Matevia (need help here)
RgSq1.JPG (23572 bytes) Back L to R: Paul Middleton, Franke Hammon, Dave Klimek. Front L to R: Richard Gasaway, Mick Lanford? or Butch Lunsford?, and Dennis Raine RgSq2.JPG (19012 bytes) L to R: Captain Frank Stewart, Dave Klimek, Paul "the Beak" Middleton and Ronald (Franke) Hammon
RgSq3.JPG (21825 bytes) L to R:  Richard Gasaway, Dave Klimek and Ronald (Franke) Hammon RgSq4.JPG (18305 bytes) Paul Middleton and Dennis Raine
RgSq5.JPG (17941 bytes) Can you tell what it is? The photo was taken through an opening in a Chinook. It has a Cobra gunship sling loaded underneath it. Interesting view, eh? RgSq6.JPG (17445 bytes) L to R: Richard Gasaway and Paul "the Beak" Middleton before a mission
Iva.JPG (15518 bytes) Richard's first day back home with wife, Iva. Dad.JPG (14098 bytes) Richard with his dad, Merrill Gasaway on the day he returned home, November 25, 1971


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