Nam Photos 49
Photos from Wayne Okken
Photos from 1971-72

These photos are from Wayne Okken. 

War is God's way of teaching us geography.

Okk1.JPG (26036 bytes) Team 75 - Record kill - 135+ W/back to camera are Capt Peter Dencker, 1SG Dan Guiton & BG Burton, & 3rd Bde Cmdr. Facing camera: ?, TL Terry Wanish, Michael Davidson, ?, James Dickman Okk2.JPG (17503 bytes) LRRP doesn't seem to like monkeys!
Okk3.JPG (12364 bytes) ? Okk4.JPG (21274 bytes) Those 101st guys were a bad influence! Recognize our man. Wonder how much I could get to remove this photo?
Okk5.JPG (24407 bytes) Rangers taking it easy before insertion Okk6.JPG (22866 bytes) Need names
Okk7.JPG (30403 bytes) Wayne Okken Okk8.JPG (18335 bytes) Recognize anyone?
Okk9.JPG (20696 bytes) Wayne Okken and John Sellens Okk10.JPG (20416 bytes) Michael Davidson says this man, Ranger George Duet, was tending to a wounded SSG Dan Sedillo when a bad guy appeared with an AK-47. He killed the bad guy with two shots from a .38 pistol! Phil Grande confirms the story!
Okk11.JPG (28024 bytes) Closest to camera is  Curtis Lovell. Behind him is Bob Crenshaw. Okk12.JPG (18387 bytes) L to R: Pat Kennedy, Curtis Lovell, and Wayne Okken
Okk13.JPG (15965 bytes) Curtis Lovell on extraction Okk14.JPG (23482 bytes) Lt. Michael Davidson practicing for the NFL. Luckily he opted to stay in the army. You can call him General Davidson now! Way to go Mike!
Okk15.JPG (20105 bytes) Dick ? going home Okk16.JPG (11962 bytes) Extractions could be fun! Who's this ranger?
Okk17.JPG (8871 bytes) Ranger Earmel Wheeler Okk18.JPG (21742 bytes) L to R: Albert Wilson and Wayne Okken
Okk19.JPG (19466 bytes) Ranger Snuffy Anderson Okk20.JPG (15503 bytes) Wayne Okken and friend
Okk21.JPG (15895 bytes) Larry Creek at the pretend beach Okk22.JPG (20425 bytes) Ranger Curtis Lovell


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