Vietnam Photos 48
More Ranger Photos From Wayne Okken - 1971-72

Great photos, Wayne, thanks for sharing them with us!

Never tell the platoon sergeant you have nothing to do.

Ok1.JPG (26673 bytes) John Sellens, Wayne Okken, Dan Svoboda, and Snuffy Anderson Ok2.JPG (25339 bytes) Pat Kennedy, Eddie Eason and Steve Camp. We have a Charles Eason and Billy Camp on roster, but no Eddie or Steve? Help!
Ok3.JPG (23145 bytes) Patrick Kennedy and indigenous friend Ok4.JPG (22097 bytes)
Ok5.JPG (24721 bytes) Ranger Albert Wilson Ok6.JPG (27623 bytes) ? on left. William Poole on the right.
Ok7.JPG (26171 bytes) Ok8.JPG (21704 bytes) Ranger Curtis Lovell
Ok9.JPG (24190 bytes) Ok10.JPG (20596 bytes) Wayne Okken on right. Sitting on left of deuce and a half is Danny Svoboda. John Sellens is standing second from left. Others?
Ok11.JPG (19856 bytes) Ok12.JPG (22178 bytes)
Ok13.JPG (21740 bytes) Patrick Kennedy and Curtis Lovell Ok14.JPG (20305 bytes) Larry Creek and Wayne Okken
Ok15.JPG (11992 bytes) LRRP and Ranger investigate a bug. Ok16.JPG (26845 bytes) Brigadier General Hamlett awards the Bronze Star to Wayne Okken
Ok17.JPG (20726 bytes) Ranger Larry Creek Ok18.JPG (18772 bytes)
Ok19.JPG (24530 bytes) Ok20.JPG (22464 bytes)


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