Nam Photos 47
Pictures Wayne Okken
Photos from 1971-72

These are photos from newly found Ranger, Wayne Okken. Great photos Wayne. Thanks for sharing part of our history..

War is God's way of teaching us geography.

Okken1.jpg (43201 bytes) John Sellens Okken2.JPG (28375 bytes) Mitchell
Okken3.JPG (26277 bytes) Who's the biker? Okken4.JPG (20537 bytes) Okken with critter on his back
Okken5.JPG (23368 bytes) Ranger Wayne Okken Okken6.JPG (11071 bytes) ???
Okken7.JPG (27384 bytes) Ranger John Sellens Okken8.JPG (25771 bytes) Help with names
Okken9.JPG (27210 bytes) Ranger Danny Svoboda Okken10.JPG (16825 bytes) Need Names
Okken11.JPG (19759 bytes) Who's in this jeep? Okken12.JPG (20608 bytes) Wayne and one of his critter friends. Is this Ranger?
Okken13.JPG (22444 bytes) Who are these rangers heading back to the base camp? Okken14.JPG (11315 bytes) Wayne Okken after extraction - heading back to Phuoc Vinh
Okken15.JPG (38595 bytes) L to R (I think): Snuffy Anderson, John Sellens, and Wayne Okken Okken16.JPG (15051 bytes) Ranger Wayne Okken
Okken17.JPG (20435 bytes) Need help with names here. Okken18.JPG (31673 bytes) John Sellens, Snuffy Anderson and Dan Svoboda
Okken19.JPG (25099 bytes) Ranger Wayne Okken and another critter. What exactly is that thing? Okken20.JPG (26605 bytes) L to R Standing: ?, Bill Rausch, Wayne Okken, Albert Wilson. Others?


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