Nam Photos 46
Pictures from Trevor England - 1971

More pictures from the unofficial Co. H Photographer for 1971! What a collection! Thanks, Trevor.

It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed.

STEng5.JPG (9616 bytes) STEng9.JPG (20402 bytes) Wood cutters. These guys were just in the wrong part of the jungle!
TEng11.JPG (32977 bytes) TEng13.JPG (28095 bytes) Enemy bunker or tunnel entrance. Trying to decide which.
TEng14.JPG (18018 bytes) TEng15.JPG (23373 bytes) Team 71 - Back row L to R: Tex Williams, Don Perez, Jim Young Front L to R: Dick Wall and Curt Paffel.
TEng16.JPG (19283 bytes) TEng2.JPG (27154 bytes) L to R: Trevor England, John Sellens, Ken Matavia, Hoc Yan (Kit Carson Scout) Dick Wall says, "I took the picture!"
TEng6.JPG (27884 bytes) Ranger John Sparks closest to camera. TEng7.JPG (43328 bytes) Ranger John Sparks
TEng8.JPG (24212 bytes) Trevor England and John Guenther VTEng1.JPG (24666 bytes) Looking for a better view
VTEng2.JPG (17844 bytes) Inspecting a bunker. "You go first." "No! You first! VTEng3.JPG (26074 bytes)
VTEng4.JPG (21136 bytes) Ranger Trevor England VTEng5.JPG (27301 bytes)
England1.JPG (21136 bytes) John Sparks closest to camera and Cliff DeMoss behind him England2.JPG (27301 bytes) Opening to tunnel complex. Can you see the man at the opening of the tunnel?

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