Vietnam Photos 45

These Photos are Trevor England

All Photos are From 1971

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If God had meant for us to be in the Army, we would have been born with green, baggy skin.

STEng15.JPG (14993 bytes) STEng16.JPG (15720 bytes) Skip Donahue following James Doyle
STEng17.JPG (21287 bytes) Ranger Jerry "Skip" Donahue STEng18.JPG (26405 bytes) Ranger Trevor England
STEng19.JPG (25139 bytes) Ranger John Guenther STEng20.JPG (15106 bytes) L to R: John Sparks and Trevor England
STEng21.JPG (25897 bytes) L to R: Skip Donahue, ? , and John Guenther STEng22.JPG (15161 bytes) Ranger Terry Hutcherson
STEng23.JPG (16540 bytes) STEng24.JPG (19454 bytes)
STEng25.JPG (15647 bytes) STEng26.JPG (24910 bytes) Sonny Lozano-Taking a smoke break!!!
STEng27.JPG (13282 bytes) L to R: Sonny Lozano, John Guenther and Skip Donahue STEng28.JPG (13162 bytes)
STEng29.JPG (24968 bytes) Ranger Sonny Lozano STEng30.JPG (22359 bytes) Ranger John Guenther
TEngNick.JPG (24085 bytes)

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