Vietnam Photos 44

These Photos are from Trevor England

Trevor's Photos are From 1971

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Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

STEng1.JPG (12961 bytes) STEng11.JPG (25893 bytes) Jerry "Skip" Donahue and John Guenther
STEng12.JPG (29507 bytes) John Guenther on the right. Who's the man on the left? STEng13.JPG (13680 bytes) L to R: Rangers Sam Dobbs and Joe Harner
STEng14.JPG (9999 bytes) Dennis Raine and Ron Hammon STEng2.JPG (16511 bytes)
STEng3.JPG (23246 bytes) STEng4.JPG (10102 bytes)
STEng5.JPG (9616 bytes) STEng6.JPG (9955 bytes) Lou Carista in suit
STEng7.JPG (12920 bytes) Two captured sewing machines. These were hauled around from camp to camp so that sewing repairs could be made. STEng8.JPG (14130 bytes) Lou Carista
STEng9.JPG (20402 bytes) TEng1.JPG (35037 bytes)
TEng10.JPG (26868 bytes) LOH shot down while trying to help ranger team TEng12.JPG (21512 bytes) Rangers inside a Chinook or Caribou? F to R: John Sparks, John O'Neal, Frankie Hammon, Billy Mitchell, Richard Gasaway, Moe, Bob Crenshaw & Wiley Nobles
TEng3.JPG (30578 bytes) TEng4.JPG (35000 bytes)

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