Vietnam Photos 43
From Botund Batizy, Bill Anton & Ray Price 1971 and 1972

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Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

Anton1.JPG (22409 bytes) Bill Anton gets a tow on a STABO rig Anton2.JPG (21658 bytes) Ranger Bill Anton
Batizy1.JPG (27797 bytes) L to R: Bob Roy, Jeff Maurer (KIA), Richard "Zeke" Zilka (seated), Angel Morales (standing behind Zilka), ?, Elvis Osborne (KIA) Batizy2.JPG (24991 bytes) Standing L to R: ?, Fred Griffith, Steve Arntz, Dave Hanson, Gilbert Ramirez - Seated Tim Dailey
Batizy3.JPG (34509 bytes) 5 Batizy4.JPG (29102 bytes) On left with AK-47 is Lt. Lynn Moore. Far right is Dave Hanson. Bottom right is Jimmy Rodgers
Batizy5.JPG (26541 bytes) 7 RPriceTm.JPG (29497 bytes) L to R: Steve Shiflett, ?, Bill Rausch, Elvis Osborne, ?, Ray Price
Price1.jpg (25193 bytes) ARVN parachute jump price2.jpg (61193 bytes) Ranger H. Ray Price
Price3.jpg (34722 bytes) Another shot of the combined US ARVN parachute jumb Price4.jpg (54724 bytes) Chinook helicopter
Price5.jpg (43210 bytes) Playing door gunner Price6.jpg (68523 bytes) H Co. team fixing to embark on mission sitting in the door is Ballou and Ray Price
Price7.jpg (33808 bytes) Incoming mortar attack Price8.jpg (37017 bytes) Another view of mortar attack as it happens!
Price9.jpg (62450 bytes) Ray Price standing with an officer about to jump with the ARVN airborne rangerhumor.jpg (61993 bytes) A little ranger humor courtesy of Tom Sweetnam from L Co. rangers
Price10.jpg (55771 bytes) Mission briefing Price11.jpg (43217 bytes) Propaganda leaflet
Price12.jpg (64101 bytes) Ray on the right and ? relax after a mission Price13.jpg (50196 bytes) 9
Price14.jpg (57063 bytes) 10 Price15.jpg (41756 bytes) Ranger Ray Price
Price16.jpg (39680 bytes) Team.jpg (130157 bytes)


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