Vietnam Photos 41

This is the 4th Page of Photos from John LeBrun

All Photos are From H Co. 1969 and later

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Thanks, John for such excellent photographs and sharing them with us!

Try to look unimportant. They may be low on ammo.

No1.JPG (16056 bytes) 1 No2.JPG (27559 bytes) Ranger John LeBrun on the left and ?

No3.JPG (21282 bytes) John LeBrun on the left and ?


No4.JPG (21078 bytes) 4
No5.JPG (19635 bytes) 5 No6.JPG (20182 bytes) Henry Morris and John LeBrun


No7.JPG (18083 bytes) 7 No8.JPG (20236 bytes) I think the bare headed ranger is Sam Jones8
No9.JPG (20523 bytes) 9 No10.JPG (16878 bytes) Ranger Gary Mascitelli
No11.JPG (20675 bytes) LeBrun in foreground. Who are the other two?11 No12.JPG (19849 bytes) Cookout


No13.JPG (18010 bytes) 13 No14.JPG (19629 bytes) 14
No15.JPG (12644 bytes) 15 No16.JPG (31987 bytes)
No17.JPG (12987 bytes) Ranger play time. Practicing with McGwire rigs. Never know when it will come in very handy! No18.JPG (16327 bytes) On far left it looks like Mike Carroll


No19.JPG (17218 bytes) 19 No20.JPG (16276 bytes) 20


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