Vietnam Photos 40

This is the 3rd Page of Photos from John LeBrun

All Photos are From H Co. 1969 and later

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Thanks, John for such excellent photographs and sharing them with us!

Try to look unimportant. They may be low on ammo.

Photo1.JPG (17973 bytes) 1 Photo2.JPG (20803 bytes) L to R: ?, Jack Bowles, ?, Smith, ?
Photo3.JPG (22990 bytes) Ranger Joe Harner Photo4.JPG (21381 bytes) Lt. Arthur Rice
Photo5.JPG (18200 bytes) Mike Bakkie and Jim McIntyre Photo6.JPG (25086 bytes) 6
Photo7.JPG (23341 bytes) 7 Photo8.JPG (23375 bytes) Big guy on the left is Dennis Jobe. Ed Partin on the right with the M-14
Photo9.JPG (21287 bytes) L to R: ?, Rick Arden, Ted Scherck, Gary Mascitelli Photo10.JPG (18738 bytes) Joe Harner
Photo11.JPG (26404 bytes) 11 Photo12.JPG (19964 bytes) 12
Photo13.JPG (17823 bytes) 13 Photo14.JPG (17244 bytes) L to R: Rangers Dennis Jobe and Stephen Gagnard
Photo15.JPG (18139 bytes) 15 Photo16.JPG (17680 bytes) 16
Photo17.JPG (17568 bytes) Ranger Waylon Chappell Photo18.JPG (20445 bytes) Henry Morris and Kenneth Yoos
Photo19.JPG (21533 bytes) 19 Photo20.JPG (24653 bytes) 20
Santa.jpg (30220 bytes) The man to the right of Santa is CPT Enn Tietenberg, 1/9th's XO. Who are the Rangers & what year was this taken? Santa2.jpg (25174 bytes) Looks like Santa is going to do a little repelling. No chimneys in Phouc Vinh!


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