Vietnam Photos 39

This is the 2nd of Several Pages of Photos from John LeBrun

Photos are From H Co. 1969 and later

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Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons!

Pic1.JPG (19725 bytes) 1 Pic2.JPG (17237 bytes) 2
Pic3.JPG (18100 bytes) Incredibly lax security in the camp! Here a VC rides right in and is asking for directions!! (Just kidding, but it does look rather suspicious to me!) Pic4.JPG (13905 bytes) Charlie Steele and Roman Taijeron
Pic5.JPG (15632 bytes) 5 Pic6.JPG (19147 bytes) 6
Pic7.JPG (17620 bytes) 7 Pic8.JPG (24452 bytes) 8
Pic9.JPG (20651 bytes) 9 Pic10.JPG (22970 bytes) 10
Pic11.JPG (21581 bytes) Note the man with the knee down when he knows the Sarge ain't looking! Pic12.JPG (18673 bytes) 12
Pic13.JPG (21449 bytes) 13 Pic14.JPG (26706 bytes) 14
Pic15.JPG (28857 bytes) 15 Pic16.JPG (16587 bytes) Gene Sprague wearing helmet
Pic17.JPG (22349 bytes) 17 Pic18.JPG (15001 bytes) 18
Pic19.JPG (19392 bytes) 19 Pic20.JPG (24973 bytes) 20 Great picture!


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