Vietnam Photos 38

This is the 1st of Several Pages of Photos from John LeBrun

All Photos are From H Co. 1969 and later. John did several tours.

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Thanks, John for such excellent photographs and sharing them with us!

When in doubt empty the magazine.

Lb1.jpg (24749 bytes) William Blanchard and ? Lb2.jpg (33839 bytes) Need Help here!
Lb3.jpg (23491 bytes) Jim McIntyre presents General Casey with a beret. Lb4.jpg (22916 bytes) General Casey presents Jim McIntyre with a medal.
Lb5.jpg (15839 bytes) John Duffy and Gary Mascitelli Lb6.jpg (27103 bytes) LeBrun in the middle of the back row. Others?
Lb8.jpg (21602 bytes) ? and John LeBrun Lb10.jpg (19714 bytes) Ranger Jon Varesko in foreground.
Lb11.jpg (22877 bytes) Standing is Brian Palmer-Kneeling L to R: Robert English, Danny Terrio, ?, ? Lb12.JPG (21781 bytes) Standing L to R: Ronald "Baby Sahn" Sanders, ?, Kneeling L to R: Jim McIntyre, Lee Comstock and Rick Arden
Lb13.JPG (17346 bytes) Jim McIntyre on Huey Lb14.JPG (15135 bytes) Ranger Jack Bowles
Lb15.jpg (21212 bytes) Definitely not a cookout fire! Lb16.JPG (18593 bytes)
Lb17.JPG (23734 bytes) On hood is Richard Wynn. Driver is Robert English. On back fender is Ted Scherck. Lb18.JPG (24613 bytes) L to R standing: ?, Gary Mascitelli, Rick Arden. Kneeling: Ted Scherck and ? Smith.
Lb19.jpg (15152 bytes) Jim McIntyre Lb20.jpg (18385 bytes)
Lb7.jpg (27335 bytes) Back L to R: Bill Abbott, Rick Arden, John LeBrun. Kneeling: ? and John Rodriguez Lb9.jpg (22273 bytes) Bill Abbott and John LeBrun


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