Vietnam Photos 37

These Photos are from Harry Elston
& George Richardson

All photos are from 1969

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Thanks, Harry and George for the pictures and sharing them with us!

Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

Blanch.JPG (10794 bytes) William Blanchard on an overflight. Elston60.JPG (16671 bytes) This red headed ranger is Gary White
Elston7.JPG (25715 bytes) Ranger William Blanchard in the field. Elston8.JPG (24377 bytes) Kit Carson Scout, Phu and Harry Elston. Harry's the one on the right!
Elston9.JPG (20360 bytes) Need help here. HElston1.JPG (20024 bytes) Ranger Harry Elston setting out Claymore mines.
Helston13.JPG (18075 bytes) Ranger Dwight "Bull" Durham (KIA) izzitloaded.JPG (16505 bytes) Harry uses a rather unorthodox and definitely not recommended method to see if the weapon is loaded. Hmmm!
KenandHar.JPG (11759 bytes) George Kennedy and Harry Elston tower.JPG (11619 bytes) The rappelling tower at Nha Trang-Recondo School

The photos below are from George Richardson.

George1.JPG (14531 bytes) Wayne Christner George2.JPG (14225 bytes) L to R Lonnie Holupko (KIA 10 July 69), ?, George Richardson and Rex McElroy.
George4.JPG (16681 bytes) Ranger Anthony Vaughn


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