Vietnam Photos 35

These pictures are from Harry Elston
All Pictures are from 1969

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No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection.

Elston10.JPG (17415 bytes) Jim Kraft in middle standing. Need help with the others Elston11.JPG (12699 bytes) Ranger Harry Elston
Elston12.JPG (20244 bytes) Rangers Frank Arguello and Larry Robinson Elston14.JPG (16669 bytes) Phillip Bailey on the beach at Nha Trang. I thought Recondo school was the toughest the army had to offer!
Elston15.JPG (19233 bytes) Frank Arguello in the bush Elston16.JPG (15955 bytes) Sam Jones dragging his ruck
Elston17.JPG (22827 bytes) Lewis Davison Elston18.JPG (15059 bytes) L to R: Charlie Hasty, Dwight "Bull" Durham, Wayne Kingston, and ?
Elston19.JPG (12641 bytes) Harry Elston Elston21.JPG (12227 bytes) John Duffy and Doug Kepner both wounded on the same mission
Elston22.JPG (10400 bytes) John Duffy, Doug Kepner, and Harry Elston Elston24.JPG (15132 bytes) L to R: Lt. Robert McKenzie, Chico Garcia, Randy Shanks and others. 4th of July Bar-B-Q
Elston25.JPG (15859 bytes) L to R: William Blanchard, W. Jones, and Dwight Durham in foreground Elston27.JPG (14060 bytes) Merle Otto's mail shack.
Elston28.JPG (17715 bytes) Harry and Phil in Nha Trang Elston29.JPG (15805 bytes) CPT George Paccerelli is second from left. 1SG Jerry Price center in the rear. This was at the 4th of July Bar-B-Q
Elston30.JPG (18093 bytes) Rudy Torres Elston23.JPG (11575 bytes) John Duffy and Doug Kepner

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