Vietnam Photos 34

These Photos are from Larry Gant

Larry's Photos are From 1969

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. Thanks, Larry,  for the pictures and sharing them with us!

Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

Larry.jpg (37050 bytes) Ranger Larry Gant next1.jpg (16525 bytes) Larry, sitting on his throne in all his radiant glory! He was N-E-X-T to go home.
next2.jpg (15017 bytes) Larry's last parade. next3.jpg (17258 bytes) Larry reviews the troups before the change of N-E-X-T ceremony.
next4.jpg (24642 bytes) Recognize anyone at the changing of the N-E-X-T ceremony? next5.jpg (14186 bytes) Larry bequeaths his robe to Rex McElroy who will be N-E-X-T as Larry prepares to depart for Bien Hoa
next6.jpg (12794 bytes) And the royal crown as well! next7.jpg (12047 bytes) The new N-E-X-T king, Rex McElroy.
next8.jpg (14164 bytes) The new king Rex salutes his subjects. next9.jpg (17187 bytes) The new king "Rex is N-E-X-T" is paraded about on the royal mule.
sgt_d.jpg (31796 bytes) Sgt D! Robert DeCesari shanks.jpg (20484 bytes) Ranger James "Randy" Shanks
team.jpg (39050 bytes) A team fixing to go out in search of Charles. I think the man in the rear left is Dan Roberts? 2nd from right looks like Ernie Squire who.jpg (37100 bytes) Is that Shanks in foreground and Dan Roberts in the rear?
who2.jpg (28712 bytes) Need help identifying this ranger who3.jpg (46437 bytes) And this one?
next10.jpg (11076 bytes) Bien Hoa--The end is in sight! next11.jpg (15909 bytes) Joy to the world. Larry's freedom bird!


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