Vietnam Photos 33

These Photos are from John (Tony) Schutty

All Photos are From 1968 and 1969

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When in doubt empty the magazine.

Tony1.JPG (13784 bytes) Phouc Vinh-1969 Tony Schutty and Kit Carson Scout, Phu Tony10.JPG (23790 bytes) Tony say, "Sorry fellows, but I need a break. Although I think I'll hold on to this Car-15!
Tony11.JPG (12000 bytes) Tony on a slick returning to Evans after a mission.  Tony12.JPG (14154 bytes) This beach outing from Quang Tri was a bonus for a good mission. Need help with names.
Tony13.JPG (12851 bytes) Tony thinks it's Harvey Brough on the left, him in the middle and his TL on the right? Tony14.JPG (12251 bytes) Eating ice cream on the beach is Tim Brock!
Tony15.JPG (14857 bytes) A.O. up north by Camp Evans. "Where in the hell do we land this chopper?" Tony16.JPG (9063 bytes) More of the same. Tough getting commo in these mountains!
Tony17.JPG (15384 bytes) Anybody remember this? The shower at Camp Evans. Used sparingly! Tony18.JPG (20515 bytes) Camp Evans-1968 Dwight "Bull" Durham (KIA) just starting to stand. George Kennedy looks on. "Our first hooches! Built by Sea Bees-Bags filled by us!"
Tony19.JPG (17664 bytes) Camp Evans-1968.  Lt. Donald Keldsen and CPT George Paccerelli. TOC with lovely view of the mountains. Tony2.JPG (21774 bytes) Phouc Vinh-1969 L to R: Tony Schutty, Bernard Graddy, and Herbert "Buddy" Bradley
Tony3.JPG (17702 bytes) Phouc Vinh-1969 L to R: ?, Jeffery Talbot, Ronald Mello, Phu, James Plisch, and Duane Blackwelder. Tony4.JPG (19352 bytes) Camp Evans-1968 L to R: sitting?, Larry (Mannie) Fields, James Plisch. Dining out on LRRP rations.
Tony5.JPG (16460 bytes) George Kennedy at the NCO club Phouc Vinh - 1969. Can't get too many around that bar! Tony6.JPG (13939 bytes) RVN compound at Phouc Vinh 1968-69
Tony7.JPG (16384 bytes) Camp Evans 1968 - L to R: George Kennedy, Robert Ramos and Bob Malick. Ramos had a hard landing jumping out of a helicopter on insertion. Tony8.JPG (14148 bytes) Camp Evans-1968. Every FNG had to pass the volley ball test first.
Tony9.JPG (17589 bytes) Tony Schutty at Evans in 1968. He was newby. You can tell by the shine on his boots! Tony20.JPG (24569 bytes) Camp Evans-Out in the bush. "Gee, I wonder what killed all the foliage?"


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