Vietnam Photos 32

These photos are from Trevor England and are from 1971. Trevor could have been a war photographer. Lots of action shots here. Thanks for the pictures, Trevor. As always, just click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

Eng1.JPG (15430 bytes) Captured photo of VC or NVA on a river Eng2.JPG (31569 bytes) Another captured photo. This is the NVA's version of the ladies auxiliary!
Eng3.JPG (36409 bytes) An enemy soldier working on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Eng4.JPG (25781 bytes) Captured weapons
Eng5.JPG (16485 bytes) En Garde! Jerry (Skip) Donahue Eng6.JPG (19428 bytes) Rangers Leonard DeClue and ?
Eng7.JPG (17014 bytes) Jerry (Skip)Donahue, Don Perez and Leonard DeClue Eng8.JPG (29697 bytes) On the move in the bush--carefully!
Recognize any of these Rangers?
Eng10.JPG (28274 bytes) An enemy bunker Eng11.JPG (21673 bytes) Refilling a canteen
Eng12.JPG (14751 bytes) Extraction
Time for a shower and hot meal
Eng13.JPG (14616 bytes) Sneaking up on a drink of water
Eng14.JPG (24449 bytes) Indigenous personnel Eng15.JPG (14447 bytes) Popping smoke for the pickup bird. Bet you had to hurry to make that flight, Trevor!
Eng16.JPG (21769 bytes) Two rangers in the field Eng17.JPG (23377 bytes) River crossing
Eng18.JPG (17926 bytes) Chinook helicopter with a sling load Eng19.JPG (22143 bytes) Luxury accomodations
Eng20.JPG (20369 bytes) If they deliver it they should have to assemble it, too! Eng21.JPG (18378 bytes) Ranger Jerry (Skip) Donahue enjoys a little music and a smoke-It just doesn't get any better than this!!
Eng22.JPG (21401 bytes) Don't know what this gathering is about. The man near the center of the picture with his hand near his chin is SSG Billy G. (Stretch) Mitchell. Eng23.JPG (18828 bytes) James Doyle, John Sparks and John Guenther
Eng24.JPG (19164 bytes) Post insertion get-a-way Eng25.JPG (12602 bytes) Must be bringing in the Blues
Eng9.JPG (29243 bytes) Great shot! John Guenther and Jerry (Skip) Donahue


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