Vietnam Photos 31

These photos are from Sam Dixon and are from 1971. Thanks for the pictures, Sam. As always, just click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

Alan Harton Alan Harton company area Bearcat (26179 bytes) Company area at Bearcat
CPT Peter Dencker Captain Peter Dencker Dixon.JPG Ranger Sam Dixon
Dixon1971.JPG Sam Dixon Pict0023.JPG Name this ranger!
JesseEchols.JPG Jesse Echols OlivasandPeterson.JPG Frank Olivas and Donald Peterson
Olivasteam.JPG Olivas' team otherteam.JPG Recognize anyone?
Patterson.JPG Gary "Pat" Patterson HammonandDick.JPG Ronald (Franke) Hammon and Sgt. Danny Dick
Pict0024.JPG Need names! Sally.JPG Sally
SallyandJohnson.JPG Sally and ? Johnson Sedilloteam.JPG Daniel Sedillo's team
THutchersonandTEngland.JPG Terry Hutcherson and Trevor England TomJarocz.JPG Tom Jarocz
Wanishteam.JPG Terry Wanish's team Youngdriver.JPG James Young is the driver


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