Vietnam Photos 30

These photos are from Jim Kraft and are from 1969. Jim retired from the army as a sergeant major! He and his wife, Judy, live in Virginia. Thanks for the pictures, Jim. As always, just click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

George and O.B..jpg (24433 bytes) Captain George Paccerelli on the left and Paul O'Brien Greenly.jpg (39646 bytes) Tim Greenly playing with Mr. No Shoulders!
JimS.jpg (27587 bytes) Jim "Dad" Smit hamming it up for the camera. Kraft10.jpg (37306 bytes) Jim Kraft and Stephen "Fred" Virostko
Kraft2.jpg (35091 bytes) Sgt Kraft and PFC Archie McDaniel (KIA) Picture taken on July 15, 1969 Kraft3.jpg (30402 bytes) Jim Kraft and Steve Thompson.
Kraft4.jpg (36319 bytes) Jim Kraft, Daniel Sheehan, and Stan Lento Kraft5.jpg (34329 bytes) PFC Simon, SP4 Craig Leerburg (ATL), Sgt Kraft (TL), SP4 Roy Crook, ?, PFC Roman Taijeron
Kraft7.jpg (34576 bytes) Stan Lento, TL and Jim Kraft, ATL Kraft8.jpg (38863 bytes) Jim Kraft and George Kennedy
KraftandBooth.jpg (25931 bytes) Jim Kraft receives the silver star from Col. Booth Surber.jpg (32394 bytes) The changing of the guard. 1st Sergeant Jerry Price turns the company over to new commander, Clark Surber.
Team43.jpg (33876 bytes) Team 43. L to R on back is Stan Lento and Jim Kraft. Help with others. Kraft9.jpg (40121 bytes) Recondo team. Back L to R is PFC Par (173rd ABN), SP4 Kraft (Co H) , SFC Stevens (advisor). Front: LCP White (3rd Marine Recon) Sgt Rooney (9th Inf.), Sam Jones (Co. H)


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