Nam Photos 29
Photos from Jeffery Talbot and Jon Varesko
Photos from 1968-69

The first photos are from Jeffery Talbot.  The last 11 photos are from Jon Varesko.  The last nine of Jon's photos are from an excellent   news article about a LRRP/Ranger team.

War is God's way of teaching us geography.

Talbot1.JPG (18924 bytes) Jeffery Talbot is closest to the camera. Need help with names for the others. Talbot2.JPG (15298 bytes) Dwight Montgomery "Bull" Durham, KIA 4-10-69 along with Loel Floyd Largent.
Talbot3.JPG (15442 bytes) Dick Hyde on the right. Talbot4.JPG (19326 bytes) Janeth Coates on left. Who are the others?
Talbot5.JPG (16192 bytes) Kit Carson Scout Talbot6.JPG (19682 bytes) L to R: Jeff Talbot, Bernard Graddy, Janeth Coates, and ?
Talbot7.JPG (20160 bytes) On the right is Ray Frith. Need names for the other LRRP/Rangers Talbot9.JPG (23727 bytes) Jeffery Talbot
Talbot8-2.JPG (20275 bytes) Great camoflauge! Need name for this Ranger Varesko1.JPG (21787 bytes) Sgt. Jon Varesko
Varesko2.JPG (34660 bytes) Need names for team members. "Roy" Harvell should say "Turner" Harvell. Varesko3.JPG (25315 bytes) Jon Varesko
Varesko4.JPG (32629 bytes) Turner Harvell calls in a sit rep Varesko5.JPG (20741 bytes) SP/4 James Anderson on way to next mission
Varesko6.JPG (38111 bytes) Roy Hatfield in center. Turner Harvell on the far right Varesko7.JPG (37229 bytes) Harvell in the center
Varesko8.JPG (32007 bytes) Captain George Paccerelli briefing the team before their next mission. Varesko9.JPG (25963 bytes) John "Jake" Geiger, operations sergeant, debriefs the team after the mission. On far right is team leader, Turner Harvell.
Varesko10.JPG (28903 bytes) Applying makeup for the next show! Varesko11.JPG (36039 bytes) Chopper's view of an actual insertion. Kind of intense.


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