Nam Photos 28
Pictures Trevor England
Photos from 1970-71

This is the second page of photos of Trevor England. 

If at first you don't succeed, call in an air-strike.

Te19.jpg (33361 bytes) Captain Frank Stewart Te20.jpg (32907 bytes) Ranger Dick Wall in the bush.
Te21.jpg (18789 bytes) Trevor England with AK-47 Te22.jpg (25527 bytes) Captain Stewart and ? Trevor England is on the far right.
Te23.jpg (20124 bytes) A little recreation. John Sparks on the guitar. To his left (your right) is James Faulkner. Behind Faulkner is Don Robinson. Photo taken at Bear Cat. Te25.jpg (24621 bytes) A round-eyed girl gets a lot of Ranger attention!
Te26.jpg (23718 bytes) Need some help with the names of these rangers on a mission. Te27.jpg (23063 bytes) A flight of Hueys.
Te28.jpg (27714 bytes) Left to right: Rangers,Don Perez and Jim Young. Te30.jpg (17685 bytes) On the radio is ranger Terry Hutcherson.
Te32.jpg (21502 bytes) A strange formation viewed from a slick. Te33.jpg (23505 bytes) Ranger Terry G. Smith
Te34.jpg (26392 bytes) Humpin' the boonies. Te35.jpg (34063 bytes) Stealth in the jungle.
Te36.jpg (44069 bytes) An enemy propaganda leaflet aimed at the Cav. Te37.jpg (41598 bytes) More propaganda.


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