Vietnam Photos 27
Ranger Photos From Trevor England - 1970-71

 Great photos, Trevor, thanks for sharing them with us!

Never tell the platoon sergeant you have nothing to do.

Te1.jpg (39025 bytes) One of many captured photos. This one shows NVA soldiers clearing logs. Te2.jpg (27117 bytes) Another captured photograph of NVA soldiers.
Te3.jpg (26217 bytes) Young female NVA. Te4.jpg (30137 bytes) Ho Chi's photo is held in high esteem in this NVA bunker.
Te5.jpg (67302 bytes) The program for Tim Harper's memorial service. Te6.jpg (18928 bytes) Tim Harper's memorial service.
Te7.jpg (16222 bytes) The company clerk hard at it! Te8.jpg (14484 bytes) Ranger "George of the Jungle" Cecil Gentry.
Te9.jpg (15549 bytes) Ranger James Doyle Te10.jpg (16537 bytes) Huddler on the left and Rodney Tague. Does anyone have more info on Huddler-First name? Roster info is sparce. Nickname the "Hud" from TX!
Te12.jpg (19803 bytes) Need names Te13.jpg (20373 bytes) Ranger Trevor England with an M203
Te14.jpg (16026 bytes) A First of the Ninth slick Te15.jpg (25907 bytes) Trevor England taking a break
te17.jpg (16398 bytes) Trevor England and Charles Monroe Te18.jpg (35424 bytes) Kit Carson scout, Hok Yan in the bush.


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