Nam Photos 26
Pictures Tony L. Griffith, KIA 5 Feb 69
This is the 3rd Page of Tony's Photos from 1968-69

These are treasured photos of Tony's from his niece, Heather Elliott. The members of Ron Bitticks' team (first photo on the right are from the left: Ron Bitticks, Howard Fatzinger, Edward Moline, John (Jake)Geiger and Guy McConnell.

War is God's way of teaching us geography.

add1.JPG (16972 bytes) Who is this ranger? BitticksTeam.JPG (26437 bytes) Every man on Ron Bitticks's team got a field promotion for a very harrowing mission. The team was responsible for over 30 KIAs with a little help from the Cav's Cobras. It was Jake Geiger's first mission.
camera1.JPG (16456 bytes) Who's this camera man? Collins1.JPG (14301 bytes) Bill Collins
Collins2.JPG (17754 bytes) Bill Collins practicing extraction maneuvers or something. You figure it out! Collins3.JPG (14047 bytes) Bill Collins on the right. Is that Spanky Seymour on the left?
Group1.JPG (18980 bytes) Can you ID anyone in this group photo? Hats.JPG (22696 bytes) Looks like Art Niernberger on the left and Bob Jordan on the right? Where'd they get those hats?
Knife1.JPG (16462 bytes) Looks like "Wild Bill" Elliott giving Brad Murray a shave. Wonder why they call him "Wild Bill"? Murray.JPG (16988 bytes) Brad Murray
Murray1.JPG (16843 bytes) Brad Murray and "Wild Bill" Elliot PepsiCan.JPG (22767 bytes) Need some help identifying these folks.
Serve1.JPG (17508 bytes) A little "jungle rules" volleyball.   Looks a little like "Tater" Storm serving and Jorge Otero awaiting the return. Tank1.JPG (25648 bytes) This was not a piece of our regular GI issue equipment!
TorresB1.JPG (11892 bytes) Looks like Rudy Torres moving kind of fast. Windham1.JPG (18675 bytes) TL Chuck Windham.


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