Nam Photos 25
Pictures Tony L. Griffith, KIA 5 Feb 69
Photos from 1968-69

This is the second page of treasured photos of Tony's from his niece, Heather Elliott. 

If at first you don't succeed, call in an air-strike.

advice.JPG (22417 bytes) BitticksGroup.JPG (14087 bytes) From left: tall black man with hand to face is Lee Hennings; yellow Cav patch belongs to Art Nierenberger. Man with glasses and white t-shirt is Ron Bitticks.
Box.JPG (27614 bytes) camera.JPG (35458 bytes) Stan Lento on the right. Looks like Mike Carroll with the camera.
chain.JPG (23279 bytes) Herbert "Buddy" Bradley chain2.JPG (36533 bytes) Buddy Bradley
cleaning.JPG (18799 bytes) Kit Carson Scout, Bui Manh Phu shows Wild Bill Elliott how a captured SKS comes apart. FarCans.JPG (27069 bytes)
goodshot.JPG (32240 bytes) Jim Shanks? hand_jive.JPG (19191 bytes) John Bedford and Lee Hennings
hats2.JPG (32968 bytes) Think this is Art Niernberger and Bob Jordan? IAdrills.JPG (12305 bytes)
jollygreen.JPG (12304 bytes) Lee1.JPG (19315 bytes) Lee Hennings
Lento1.JPG (20824 bytes) Stan Lento and ? LewisD.JPG (23884 bytes) Lewis Davison
Must be beer and soda call before we got the blood cooler to chill our drinks. David McWilliams in shades. Lee Hennings, back to camera.
Jim Weidlich on the left, David Mitchell at far right. Jorge Otero behind him. On left is David Mitchell. Shirtless guy is John Fencl and Charles Trott is on the right.
Bernard Graddy's answer to Mr. Kissinger.
l to r: Richard Wilkie, James Shanks, and ?


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