Nam Photos 24
Pictures Tony L. Griffith, KIA 5 Feb 69
Photos from 1968-69

These are treasured photos of Tony's from his niece, Heather Elliott.  

War is God's way of teaching us geography.

TonyG.jpg (39506 bytes) Tony Griffith Smile.jpg (39512 bytes) Tony Griffith immediately after his 1st mission!
Graddy1.jpg (36733 bytes) Bernard Graddy Tonyand.jpg (27713 bytes) ? and Tony Griffith. On the left is Rudy Torres. On the far right is John Bedford. If you look between Tony and his friend I think you'll see George Paccerelli.
Kennedy.jpg (19996 bytes) George Kennedy Cans.jpg (49427 bytes) Sam Surgeon is the unlucky LRRP with the "can detail". This detail alone was enough to cause PTSD!
Nativehat.jpg (29798 bytes) Richard Wilkie sports the head gear that's always in style in Vietnam. Ready1.jpg (70585 bytes) Ranger, Richard Wilkie.
deuceandhalf.jpg (36837 bytes) Need a name Grass.jpg (25968 bytes) Richard Wilkie in the bush.
Gunner.jpg (36888 bytes) Slick door gunner stones.jpg (60388 bytes) Where were these located?
Gunner.jpg (36888 bytes) Stewart? stones.jpg (60388 bytes) Who is this fellow in front of the Co E, 1st Platoon barracks?
Gunner.jpg (36888 bytes) Rudy Torres enjoying some coffee. Lee Hennings in Background. Recognize any others?


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