Nam Photos 23
Pictures from Clint Voorhees - 1970

Clint has some good aerial scenery shots.  These should bring back some memories. Thanks Clint.

It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed.

ba_den.jpg (8045 bytes) Nui Ba Den - The Black Virgin, near Tay Ninh BlVirg.jpg (15030 bytes) Another shot of the Black Virgin
FltLine.jpg (12495 bytes) The flight line at Phouc Vinh gorvad.jpg (12186 bytes) Aerial view of Camp Gorvad - Phouc Vinh
Ntr.jpg (13043 bytes) omer_tim.jpg (15486 bytes)
Rec_CC.jpg (13661 bytes) RecTower.jpg (16882 bytes) The rappelling tower at Recondo School, Nha Trang
Don't take any of these! Both sides of our calling card, wooden nickels

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