Nam Photos 22
Pictures from John Butkovich - 1968

These are some very good photos depicting life with the LRRPs. Thanks, John for sharing them.

Make it too tough for the enemy to get in and you can't get out.

1stday1stCav50.jpg (30794 bytes) John's first day with the Cav. Around Dec. 5, 1967 adj50.jpg (24365 bytes) Holding the AK is Gary Anderson. The other fellow is Bruce Block.
Barnes_rail.jpg (54318 bytes) John Barnes and a pair of accomplices use rails "borrowed" from a working railroad and hauled on a "borrowed" deuce-and-a-half to use as roof structures on bunkers. Barnes_railAdj50.jpg (31466 bytes) Another incriminating photo of thieves at work!
block50.jpg (30096 bytes) Bruce Block at Quang Tri CoAreaEvansresz.jpg (32880 bytes) Company area at Camp Evans around April or May 1968. The guy with the cast twisted the ankle on an insertion. Jumping from a chopper with 100+ pounds on your back can be tricky!
cobbq50.jpg (27092 bytes) The BBQ chef was the acting 1st SGT. At Camp Evans. Does anyone recall his name? CobraSide50.jpg (25247 bytes) The Cobra was a new item in the summer of 1968.
FloydatEvans50.jpg (33235 bytes) Floyd Kirkendahl at Camp Evans. FltSouth50.jpg (17724 bytes) John Barnes and the rest of the men of Co. E, along side the runway waiting for the flight south from I Corps.
HueBatKids50.jpg (32906 bytes) Two local kids in their Batman t-shirts standing by the entrance to the Imperial City. HueBridge50.jpg (30371 bytes) Pontoon bridge across the Perfume River at Hue. Taken from the seat of a deuce-and-a-half.
jb_ak50.jpg (21019 bytes) John, showing off an AK-47. JB_antenna50.jpg (14609 bytes) John holds a VC weapon that started as an APC antenna and was fitted with a carbine bolt to fire a .38 cal pistol round. Probably equally dangerous on both ends. Shown held by Block in 1st photo of this column.
JBaimingAK50.jpg (18684 bytes) John aiming the AK-47. JBmedals50.jpg (21711 bytes) John receiving medals from Captain George Paccerelli. Top Dennison looks on. Phuoc Vinh.
LRRPatEvans50.jpg (18025 bytes) John with company mascot, LRRP. obrien.jpg (37096 bytes) Sandbag detail. In center is Augustine "Chico" Garcia. On the right is Paul "OB" O'Brien
QTmonsoon50.jpg (34925 bytes) Taken behind the platoon tent at Quang Tri. A monsoon storm was coming rapidly. It looked even scarier in real life. Is this LZ Betty? SgtShepard50.jpg (22251 bytes) Sergeant Fred M. Shepherd at Ft. Benning in 1967. Click on his name to read his story in the Ranger Hall of Fame. John served with him at Benning.
Shades_stash50.jpg (21541 bytes) John, looking cool in shades and 'stache. Top_Buddha50.jpg (24815 bytes) Top and Buddha cooperative in illustrating the airborne physique that required a cargo chute!
VNbath150.jpg (39161 bytes) John can't remember if this was taken at Recondo School or while he was with B 1/8. VNchurch50.jpg (27691 bytes) A church somewhere in I Corps.
vnesso50.jpg (28449 bytes) Guess the Hondas and Vespas ran on Esso. VNfuneral250.jpg (28612 bytes) A Vietnamese military funeral
Happy Dog! LRRP surveys his domain.

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