Vietnam Photos 21

These Photos are from Ed Beal

All Photos are From 1969

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If God had meant for us to be in the Army, we would have been born with green, baggy skin.

1stplttent.jpg (16002 bytes) The 1st Platoon tent. What happened to the barracks? after.jpg (21910 bytes) Team entering company area after another successful mission.
BealClaymore.jpg (23601 bytes) Ed carefully packs a claymore in his ruck! board.jpg (18811 bytes) Saddled up and ready for the next insertion. From left: Ed Beal, Carlos Ochoa, ?
bullet.jpg (13885 bytes) Here's Ed Beal standing guard on a big bullet. Clean.jpg (16709 bytes) Weapon cleaning area. Who are these LRRPs?
colorhw.jpg (26181 bytes) Ed Beal says this is his best Hollywood pose! ComstockPerez.jpg (17040 bytes) Lee Comstock and Perez
Cramer.jpg (11352 bytes) Ranger Richard Cramer Dahl.jpg (17527 bytes) From left: Ed Beal, Roger Dahlstrom and Babysahn in Ed's AO.
Nonames.jpg (18573 bytes) Need some help with names here! Ed.jpg (22279 bytes) Ed Beal flunked Camouflage 101! Had to take the remedial class and do lots of pushups!
EdCom.jpg (19801 bytes) Ed Beal in front. Lee Comstock behind him. EdGrover.jpg (15138 bytes) Ed Beal and Grover Sprague
EdinBack.jpg (18631 bytes) Ed Beal in back. Who are the others? HarnSpra.jpg (17181 bytes) Need help here. Two guys in the middle are Joe Harner and Grover Sprague.
Jorgy.jpg (16520 bytes) Kregg P.J. Jorgenson enjoying a little down time. LeeC.jpg (22744 bytes) Ranger, Lee Comstock
LeoOchDK.jpg (16370 bytes) loaded.jpg (18390 bytes) Ed, getting ready for a mission.
Merry.jpg (19637 bytes) Ed Beal enjoys the decorations for Christmas, 1969. mud.jpg (17501 bytes) When it rains in Nam it rains!! Mud just happens.
Packing up Packing up for another mission in front of 1st Platoon. Company area The company headquarters. The blood cooler served as a beer and soda cooler and worked quite well.

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