Vietnam Photos 20

These Photos are from Ron Holte
& Charlie Burckhardt

 Ron's Photos are From 1967 & Charlie's are from 1969

Click on the smaller, thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. Then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the thumbnails.  Thanks, Ron and Charlie for the pictures and sharing them with us!

Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.

img10.JPG (21539 bytes) L to R: Dave Dickinson and Ron Holte checking the map. img11.JPG (21477 bytes) Dave Dickinson on the horn. Must have some good news.
img12.JPG (40094 bytes) This is ranger Steve "Swamp" Fox. Surely he is NOT smoking a cigarette in the field, is he? I think he said that the object in his hand was a pen! img3.JPG (19663 bytes) This man was from the 101st Airborne LRRPs. He was a sergeant from Indiana and a Gabby Hayes fan judging from the way he wore his flop hat. Does anyone know his name?
img4.JPG (28601 bytes) LRRP Rick Tedder resting in the elephant grass img5.JPG (16624 bytes) The man in the poncho is a 101st SP/4. Need his name. In the middle is Dave Dickinson and on the right is Ron Holte.
img6.JPG (19900 bytes) Waving is medic Ken White. img7.JPG (30311 bytes) Radio man, Bennie Gentry
img8.JPG (16821 bytes) Ron Holte on patrol, with car15, M79 and miscellaneous and sundry items. img9.JPG (22161 bytes) Ron Holte on patrol. Isn't the cavalry supposed to have pack mules to carry all this stuff?
img8.JPG (16821 bytes) Ron Holte on the left and Angelo Carmelo Santiago (KIA). Photo taken 12-3-67 at An Khe. img9.JPG (22161 bytes) Members or Recondo class R-16, June 67. From left: Holte, Bowser, Jesse Norman, ?, ?, Crenshaw.
co-street.jpg (16421 bytes) This is a view of the company area. Note the "mule" (Camp Gorvad - 1969.) flight-line.jpg (14141 bytes) Camp Gorvad flight line. (C. Burckhardt - 1969)
ottos.jpg (22781 bytes) From left: Larry Robinson, Frank Arguello, Milford Harvey, ?, Charlie Burckhardt and ? (C. Burckhardt - 1969) Phouc Vinh-kid.jpg (12228 bytes) A little kid in one of the shops on main street Phouc Vinh (C. Burckhardt - 1969
tin-me.jpg (19744 bytes) Ranger, Charlie Burckhardt, 1969 unknown.jpg (18968 bytes) Can anyone ID this 1969 ranger?
renfro.jpg (16309 bytes) From left: Cal Renfro, ?, Milford Harvey (C. Burckhardt - 1969

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