Vietnam Photos 19

These Photos are from Keith Phillips
The two helicopter photos are from Ron Baker's collection owned by collector, John L. Jones

All Photos are From H Co. 1971 and 1972

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Don't draw fire. It irritates the people around you.

HamMartinez.JPG (18659 bytes) General James Hamlet decorating Martinez. Captain Peter Dencker in foreground. With bandage over eye, Myron Prchal. Also shown Oscar Martinez and Elvis Osborne, Jr. (KIA). Remainder of team on which TL Tom Smith was killed in early '72 Image26.JPG (12851 bytes) On the way in. Keith Phillips with hat and towel around neck. Norman "Rusty" Ratzlow to his right.
Image27.JPG (21661 bytes) Need help with the name. This ranger walked RTO with Smitty and Phillips. Image28.JPG (24897 bytes) "Snuffy" Anderson sitting in ambush.
Image29.JPG (17992 bytes) L to R: Jeff Maurer Keith Phillips (holding beer), Art Maloney (behind Keith), Stan Freeborn, Gilbert Rameriz. Tiger stripes holding beer, Steve Beltran? Image30.JPG (14722 bytes) Jackson hiding his face. Had a thing about getting his picture taken. Note Keith's bomb at the Ranger Inn.
Image31.JPG (13360 bytes) Keith Phillips's three sweetheaters Image34.JPG (14128 bytes) "Snuffy" Anderson reading instructions on how to read a map.
Image33.JPG (16180 bytes) Jack Record in the foreground. Other? Image32.JPG (19315 bytes) Rangers at home. Gathering of the minds. Roy's back at far left, sitting at poker game. Recognize any others?
Image35.JPG (20186 bytes) Ranger talent contest. White shirt in back, Jeff Maurer. Seated on right, Stan Freeborn. Facing Stan, Gilbert Ramirez. Others? Image36.JPG (19398 bytes) Ranger BBQ. Zeke to the far left. Recognize any others?
Blur.JPG (12989 bytes) Keith Phillips with Roy's grease gun. Rusty Ratzlow rushing to get into the picture. Image42.JPG (15800 bytes) Steve Shiflett on the left sans shirt; Keith Phillips on the right. Jack Record in the foreground.
Image43.JPG (12471 bytes) Keith Phillips. This could have been a Co. L photo. Note Screaming Eagle on left shoulder. Image44.JPG (14456 bytes) Bulletin board in Zeke's AO. Note the claymore.
Image46.JPG (17034 bytes) Table next to Keith Phillips bunk. Must have been a moment of creativity! Image48.JPG (22184 bytes) Downtown Saigon. Note the broken glass cemented in place on the top of the walls.
Image49.JPG (15866 bytes) Vietnamese jump school in the distance. Keith went on two different occasions to get the Vietnamese jump wings, but got scrubbed both times. Says the Big Ranger must have been looking out for him! PhillipsBoot.JPG (15473 bytes) Keith Phillips drinking out of jungle boot. "We also had a skull in the Ranger Inn that we drank from.
PhillipsPad.JPG (21780 bytes) Keith Phillips on the chopper pad after returning from a successful mission with Smitty's team. PhillipsBush.JPG (32164 bytes) Phillips in the bush on Roy's team.
SitRep.JPG (27835 bytes) Keith Phillips giving a sit rep. Huey.jpg (26572 bytes) A 1/9 slick. This photo from John L. Jones from Ron Baker's collection. Same time frame as Keith Phillips's photos. Thanks, John.
LOH.jpg (32149 bytes) Photo courtesy of John Jones. A LOH (light observation helicopter) pronounced loach. Also called a scout. Team.JPG (23950 bytes) Back l to r: Keith Phillips, Smitty and Cooper. Front l to r: Woody, Jackson and Stubby

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