Vietnam Photos 18

Thanks to Arthur Pryor for these photos that were taken in 1971 and 1972.

The enemy invariably attacks on one of two occasions: 1. When you're ready for them or 2. When you are not ready for them.

Pryjohn.jpg (11335 bytes) John LeBrun on the flight line. Arthur did a couple of patrols with him. Nam jump wings.jpg (10743 bytes) Getting those Vietnam jump wings! Arthur Pryor is second from the left and Lt. Bill Anton is on the far right. Don't know who the others are.
Osborne1.jpg (15529 bytes) Elvis "Ozzie" Osborne is in the foreground holding the company colors at an awards ceremony. Osborne2.jpg (12591 bytes) Ozzie relaxing in front of his barracks.
Patrol3.jpg (20583 bytes) Two L Co. Rangers transferred to H Co. when the 101st stood down. Zeke.jpg (12895 bytes) Ozzie (with head down), Jaime Pacheco (walking) and SSG Richard "Zeke" Zilka in front of Zeke's barracks. (Bien Hoa, 72)
awards.jpg (10903 bytes) Awards ceremony, 1972 flightline.jpg (20508 bytes) Rangers on the flight line for lift to An Loc during Easter offensive, 1972.
flightline2.jpg (13047 bytes) A Cav Huey going to An Loc. flightline3.jpg (10745 bytes) Another view of the flight line during the Easter offensive, 1972.
helopad.jpg (10671 bytes) Rangers on helo pad in Saigon while VP Spiro Agnew is in town, 1972. motorsarge.jpg (16270 bytes) L to R: Gilbert Ramirez and Sgt. Conway (The motor pool sergeant) back from a patrol. John LeBrun's team?
patrol.jpg (24837 bytes) Rangers on patrol, 1972. rangerinn.jpg (11559 bytes) The Ranger Inn at Bien Hoa, 1972.
roy.jpg (10812 bytes) Robert Roy and Arthur Pryor in the Ranger Inn at Bien Hoa snuffy.jpg (14054 bytes) Ken "Snuffy" Anderson. Note North Vietnamese web gear.
thesign.jpg (14413 bytes) Back side of the ranger company sign that caused so many problems. Who are these rangers? heloview.jpg (10502 bytes) Familiar view from a Huey.
patrol2.jpg (12055 bytes) LOH (loach) helicopter helping find an LZ to pick up the team. patrol4.jpg (17806 bytes) Robert Roy in the foreground. Jaime Pacheco in the middle with head down?
ranger1.jpg (12523 bytes) Ranger, Steve Arntz roy2.jpg (16016 bytes) Robert Roy looking out of a slick.
Monkeyshines Richard "Zeke" Zilka and the monkey.

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