Vietnam Photos 17
LRRP Photos From Roy Beer 1967 - 1968

Great photos, Roy, thanks for sharing them with us!

Never tell the platoon sergeant you have nothing to do.

01.jpg (26436 bytes) Stacking sandbags at An Khe. Bob Teagle and others. (end of 1967) 02.jpg (29172 bytes) Goofing off at 1st Cav LRRP training, An Khe (end of '67). Floyd Kuykendahl (2nd from left on bottom row), Bob Teagle (above him on left), Ralph ? (2nd row on right).
03.jpg (22771 bytes) Another group shot (An Khe, end of '67). Bob Teagle (bottom row center), Roy Beer (above him). 04.jpg (35927 bytes) Initial 1st Cav LRRP training, Hong Kong Mountain at An Khe (end of '67). Roy Beer and Curtis ?
05.jpg (34572 bytes) Barbecue with Montagnards at their village, An Khe (end of '67). Leo Corey (no shirt). Others? 06.jpg (32416 bytes) Drinking rice wine with Montagnard scouts trying to "earn" our bracelets. Near An Khe (end of '67 - early '68). Roy Beer on the tube. Other?
07.jpg (18909 bytes) Our mascot "LRRP" as a pup, taking a nap. 08.jpg (26654 bytes) Having a beer at An Khe (end of '67). From left to right: Roy Beer, Bill Hand, Bob Teagle, ?, ?
09.jpg (24245 bytes) Relaxing at An Khe. Bob Teagle, Roy Beer, McDonald and Bob Perez 10.jpg (30151 bytes) Evening barbecue at An Khe. Roy Beer, our scout, McDonald (seated), Kuykendahl (seated)
11.jpg (29072 bytes) Our new "digs" at Camp Evans, in the ground under a GP Large. (early '68). Roy Beer and Bob Teagle. 12.jpg (24818 bytes) Camp Evans (about Feb '68) Bob Teagle and Roy Beer
19.jpg (42789 bytes) Camp Evans. Roy Beer (early '68) 20.jpg (22938 bytes) On a mission (early '68). From left: Patrick Lyons, ?, ?, John Barnes, Bob Teagle.
21.jpg (30396 bytes) Still on same mission. From left: ?, John Barnes, Bob Teagle and Roy Beer. 22.jpg (31382 bytes) John Barnes (early '68)
23.jpg (28876 bytes) John Barnes and Patrick Lyons (early '68) 24.jpg (27127 bytes) Our LRRP truck (obtained and maintained by questionable means) and Floyd Kuykendahl.
25.jpg (26646 bytes) Our team at LZ Stud near Quan Tri (about Mar '68). 26.jpg (28403 bytes) Taking a meal break in the bush (early 1968). From left: Patrick Lyon's feet, Bob Teagle and Roy Beer.
27.jpg (12663 bytes) Ready to go to A Shau Valley at dusk, although aborted for morning insertion (about April '68). He was wounded on this mission. 28.jpg (27941 bytes) Ready for A Shau again, this time in the morning (April '68). Teagle, Roy Beer, others? Captain Donald Gooding (standing).
29.jpg (22230 bytes) Chow time at evans (about Mar '68). McConnell and "Ohio"? 30.jpg (26147 bytes) Still chow time. Teagle, Beer and ?
31.jpg (23943 bytes) Relaxing. ?, ?, ? 13.jpg (24123 bytes) Ralph ? packing up for a mission from Camp Evans
14.jpg (19992 bytes) Helicopter shot down outside base camp. Bob Teagle on left. Who are the others? 15.jpg (23988 bytes) Just back from a mission (early '68). Roy Beer, Bob Teagle and Patrick Lyons.
16.jpg (41406 bytes) Floyd Kuykendahl at Camp Evans. 17.jpg (33987 bytes) Roy Beer, Bob Teagle, Patrick Lyons, Albert Gambrell?, Howard Coble?.
18.jpg (37026 bytes) Jesse McConnel, Roy Beer and Floyd Kuykendahl Camp Evans (early '68).

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